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Dog Toy Choosing Guide - Getting The Best For Your Dog

By Moses Wright

Not many dog owners give much thought to dog toys because many think of dog toys as just amusement and fun for their dog. The fact is like toys for young children, dog toys are an important aspect that contribute to the development and well being of your dog.

There are many advantages in getting dog toys, to name a few, they help to keep your dog away from destructive behaviors, keep them from becoming bored, thereby keeping them out of trouble, relieves stress, and provides physical exercise and mental stimulation.

While dog toy is important and beneficial for your dog, one must also know how to buy the right one. When choosing a dog toy, dog owners should take into account the size, breed and activity level of your dog. The following listed below is a comprehensive guideline on how to choose and buy the right dog toys:

1. Size - Toys should be appropriate for your dog's size. Be sure the dog toy is large enough that so that your dog isn't able to swallow it and possibly suffocate on it.

2. Durability - Toys should be virtually indestructible and able to withstand the daily demands of a dog. Toys should be of high quality and crafted especially for dogs.

3. Safe - Dog toys should not pose a threat to your dog and should be non-toxic. Avoid dog toys that may splinter or come off in chunks, possibly causing trauma to your dog. Be sure to dog proof all toys- remove strings, tags and small parts (including squeakers) that could be remove by your dog.

4. Practical - Dog toys should be easy to clean and good for your dog. When looking for chew toys, find those that can help freshen his breath and those that are beneficial for his teeth and gums.

5. Exercise - Choose dog toys that encourage exercise and puts their natural instincts to good use. Frisbees, balls, ropes, tugs, and Kongs are great toys to aid in exercising you and your dog.

6. Challenge - Select toys that stimulate the dog's mind and gives him a reward to work for. These types of dog toys give your dog something to look forward to.

7. Therapy - Dog toys provide a form of therapy for dog's suffering from separation anxiety. Choose dog toys that offer encouragement and comfort when you are away. Select toys that provide entertainment to prevent boredom and help the dog to adjust while you are gone.

8. Fun - Dog toys should be fun! Select toys that reinforce positive play with their owners and constructive games and toys that strengthen the bond between dog and owner. Find dog toys that allow your dog to interact with you.

9. Variety - Rotate your dogs toys every once in awhile. This helps to keep your dog interested in the toys he already has.

By following the guide listed here closely, you would have no problem in getting a good dog toy for your dog. Lastly, understand that dog toys are not a substitute for you, use dog toys to engage in games with your dog and most importantly have fun along the way!

About the Author: Moses Wright is the founder of Dog Carriers and Grooming. He provides more useful information on Dog Toy and Dog Clothes on his website. Webmasters are welcome to reprint this article if you keep the content and live link intact.

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