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Dog Obedience Training

By David Lawrence

You should train your dog not to be aggressive with other animals, family, strangers.

When he is about 6 weeks to 5 months old you should have him attend Puppy Preschool Classes, courses lasting less than 7 weeks and teaching your pet how to stay at a place, come, sit down and how to socialize with people and fellow puppies.

Well-socialized dogs will almost certainly not develop bad behaviors as they get older, they will instead become an excellent and fun companion for you and your family.

When your pet is more than 5 months old choose a Basic Dog Training Course, which lasts usually less than 10 weeks and teaches him how to walk properly on a leash, how to effectively stay, sit, heel, come, communicate with you using commands such as sit, down, stay, leave-it, come, wait.

The third type of dog training course is called intermediate dog training: it's intended for dogs who need to be trained to stay for longer periods of time and follow orders given not only by the owner, but by other people also.Intermediate classes aim at teaching dogs how to walk properly on a leash, return and fetch, heel, and how to execute the basic dog training commands with more precision and responsiveness.

The intermediate dog training usually lasts less than 10 weeks, it's recommended for dogs that are more than 5 months old and have successfully attended the basic training classes, learning and becoming accustomed to the basics command.

One of the most hard dog obedience training classes is the advanced dog training course, which lasts less than 10 weeks but is aimed at pets that have attended the basic AND intermediate training.

This is quite comparable to the intermediate course, but it's far more detailed, in fact the dog is taught how to walk beside his owner even without the leash, how to sit without the owner/s in view, how to interpret and follow hand signals and stay all time near you, avoiding distractions.

This course is fundamental because it makes your dog ready to take the Canine Good Citizen training class, which is the most difficult and ambitious dog training course, meant just for pets who have completed the intermediate, basic and advanced courses.

The CGC test is really difficult and though, only dogs that have completed the previous tests and developed excellent obedience training can pass it.

This course may last for several weeks; it just depends on whether your dog can success.

Keeping in mind the distinction/goals/objectives of the various dog behavior classes, you should be able to choose the best dog training course for your dog, or learn yourself dog training buying informative books.

Be sure to choose a dog obedience training course/book that focuses on positive dog training techniques, aimed at building a nice and happy relationship with your pet, please avoid any negative training methods like hitting and yelling because they may hurt your pet.

About the Author: David Lambert is a dog lover, positive dog training enthusiast and creator of

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