Horses with Mud Fever - Horses and ponies kept outside in muddy conditions are susceptible to Mud Fever, which usually occurs in the winter or late spring.

Dog Training Career What is Involved - If you like dogs, you might want to consider a career in dog training.

The History of Boxer Dogs - A brief history of the Boxer dog breed.

Using A Clicker To Train Your Dog - You may have heard, or even witnessed, dog obedience via a unique and intelligent method, clicker training.

Summer Safety Tips for Dog Owners with Gun Shy Dogs - Is your gun shy dog in danger? Does he or she run and hide, escape, or destroy your furniture during thunderstorms? Here are six dog safety tips to help you protect your fearful pet.

A Gentle Giant Amongst Dogs Mastiff Demands More Than Love And Affection - It's so easy to let the heart rule the head when considering a family pet, particularly where there are children involved.

GPS Dog Collars Vs Radio Tracking Collars - We examine a couple of high tech pet tracking collars and give you the information so you can get the pet tracking collar that is right for you and your pet.

Some Effects of Global Warming On Ice Age and Forestry - With ice age the ocean currents called the Gulf Stream bring warm waters up to the UK and Europe from the Caribbean.

Health Problems Caused By Air Pollution - Air pollution causes many problems with the ecology of the planet.

Renewable Energy The Power of Wind - The power of wind can be used to provide energy for people across the world, no matter where they live.

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