Your Dog Goes Missing - This article, serves as a guide to all dog-owners that wish not to experience the agony and distress of having to deal with the fact that their dog is gone missing.

Optimizing K Health and Performance - K9 Dogs are at a higher risk for disease.

How To Cut Your Cats Claws Without Losing Your Skin In The Process - Your kitty has all the latest toys and comforts including self-cleaning litter box, a treat dispenser, cat grass, every cat toy known to the pet shop owner, and a variety of scratching posts but kitty wants to use the sofa instead.

Dog Training is a Must After Puppy Proofing Your Home - What to do when your puppy is chewing everything in your house?.

An In Depth Look At Siamese Cats - The exotic and somewhat mysterious Siamese cat hails from the country of Thailand.

The Importance Of Horse Supplies In Maintaining A Healthy Animal - In the care and keeping of horses, it is necessary to have a variety of standard horse supplies at the ready in order to responsibly fulfill our duties as horse owners or caregivers.

History of the Dog - A quick read on the history of dogs.

Overcoming Boredom - Here's Today's Joke: Why do dogs bury bones? Because they can't hide them in trees.

How to Get Organized for a New Year of Horse Shows - In late January, we start organizing lists and beginning to plan what has to be done for the upcoming season.

The Stages of Puppy Development - In order to understand why your puppy doesn?t listen to you at times, you need to understand each stage of development a puppy goes through as it matures.

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