Pet Lovers Sanity Guide III

If you have read some of my prior published articles on Pets and guidelines for Pet care, you will find the information not only from my very own real experiences, but valuable tips and guidelines as a Pet owner. As I have mentioned in prior articles, Ive visited many countries, where ever my work would take me, primarily Asia. I have learned and experienced many cultures, and now live in Northern Thailand , surrounded by jungle. All the creatures you can possibly imagine, something like living on Discovery Channel, but with real life daily experiences, with cobras, eagles, exotic jungle birds, the works.

You may think of how frightening living with cobras might be, but actually, most are very shy, and you really do not encounter them very often. Did you know, they sometimes make a bark like noise in the jungle, that is certainly a good indication to stay clear. This was a very unique experience with a wild jungle bird, not found in any books, nor can any Vet. hospital help cure this experience, but sadly a true story. My very kind Thai neighbors gave me two jungle birds in cages, as a polite welcome to the village gift. Those who might be sensitive to a wild jungle bird in a cage, rest assured, I asked, and yes they were left in the nest alone deep in the jungle, and would have died if not cared for.

Well, now I had to learn to speak some Thai, since both birds could. There are Mina birds as you know , all around, but these two are of a different type, and were taught to speak Thai phrases in some cases. My first thought, and tip, since a natural reaction caring for pets, was to let them go back to a natural jungle environment. But I was told they could not survive the jungle, there are just so many creatures in the food chain, they just would not make it on their own. So, I decided to give them the best of care as possible. My favorite was light two toned grey colored bird that spoke 23 words , and some phrases in Thai, and could bark like a German Shepard, since he grew up next to one.

What a character, I actually taught him English words, and how to laugh, since Thai people have the best sense of humor, in my experience, they really thought that was funny, a laughing bird, one common language between us , as I was still learning to speak Thai, and North Thai , a bit different. I really enjoyed these two new friends, probably only ones who could understand this stranger from another country. I built two very large cages, seemed they might like that better, and placed one at a neighbors house right along the jungle, so he could talk to the wild birds. This was about 300 hundred feet away.

I would get up early and talk to him across the trees, or at least whistle bird songs. Thais were amazed, he would talk back to me every morning, what a great song he could sing, I think he was happy there. If I missed a morning, he would call for me. The Thais couldnt believe it, and with Thai communication everyone knew this story, simply small village, a few hundred people, big news.

This great beautiful bird, lived on for many years. As a wild animal, I made sure they received their natural jungle foods, which is a tip to remember, very important for their health. I continued to talk to him all the time, until one day, I went over to see him.

I worked and traveled a lot, so not always home. My neighbors stopped me short from their house,something must have happened. They would not explain to me, possibly a cultural kindness where they did not want me to be upset. Thai culture and politeness is something we could all learn from. Well, my bird companion had passed away while I was traveling on business a month before.

The neighbors explained he would call to me, and no answer, as if he needed to communicate something, hard to imagine a bird. But, for the few weeks I was home I had been talking across the jungle to him, actually how could this be if he had died a month ago? Thai culture is sensitive to spirits, so with all do respect, I listened very carefully to this unique story when explained carefully over time. When I was traveling, he had met a wild bird, same type.

She would come and they would talk daily, so on my return, he had in fact passed away, but it was his new mate that continued on, from the same location every morning talking to me, and as the Thais may have believed, it was his spirit communicating to me through her . Now, I dont know much about spirits, but its believed he lived a good life, but he passed away from a broken heart as the story was told. I do believe I took the best of care for him during his lifetime. This story has been passed along between villages for years now, people ask me, does youre bird still sing to you with the morning sunrise. I believe they are referring to the spirit of the bird. On occasions the female returns every few months from the jungle, and calls for me.

Now some might think Ive lived near the jungle to long, but these are true Pet Lover adventures. I dont have a cure all magic pill for a birds broken heart, but might add, sometimes the extra care, kindness, and common sense will greatly help your pets longevity and health. This is the best tip I can offer for all pets. For any wild pets, if at all possible, they really need their own natural environment . So if you ever have the opportunity to have a wild pet, please think twice , and make the right decision for the animals benefit. For a good pet, there are so many options with domesticated animals.

The kindness to this bird, has returned to me over the years through my neighbors. They know how much I liked this bird, and how well I took care of him, and now the kindness has returned. One might consider this a spiritual event, and thats not my expertise, but certainly made good neighbor friends as a result of a bit of kindness. Thats simply just my best advise to pet lovers.

Pets can have a long happy life, with just that extra bit of kindness.

Reed Langdon now lives in Thailand, and has experienced many unique experiences he shares in his publications. Feel free to vistit his site for further pet care tips, and valuable information.


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